Swami Dinesh Bharti is one of those Osho follower's who has joined Osho in a very young age and worked to spread osho's message till his death. He was among those young followers who started "Yuvak Kranti Dal " in 1970 in the guideince of all time great master Osho. In 1977 Swami Dinesh Bharti's first book "Jam a Rajnish" was published. In 1978 he started " Rajneesh - Vahini" and " Rajneesh friends Club" in 1980. He also edited 18th chapter of Osho's most popular book Geeta Darshan. Swami Dinesh Bharti left his body on 31th July 2006 at his home town indore (M.P.) INDIA.

Member of Osho friend club were realy shocked but they celibrated this event with kirtan and bhajan and immideatly accepted this bitter truth in a nobel way. After all they are Osho's desciples. Swami Dinesh Bharti had realy worked hard for his dream Osho Dhyan Vigyan Mand. and he was active till his death. His friend Swami Chetanya Kirti once said Dinesh is such a mysterious person that some time he appear as a poet, some time as a sufi and some time some body else. Word could'nt describle his personality but he surely have a certain magenatism. We welcome all Osho's lover on the path of joy and internal happiness.

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