What do you think when you here Cuckoo calling kuhu-kuhu. Is it singing a holy song or Praying Nahmaaz? It is calling it's Beloved. Remember the one which is calling kuhu-kuhu is male Cuckoo. It's not female. Female is keeping quite. Like all females keep quite. It's the male one which is attending.You have seen the Peacock which dances, is male. The one which spring & it's feather is male. The female doesn't have beautiful feathers which is not given by nature, it's not needed. Her being feminine it sufficient. When the world was more natural it's the male which used to wear ornaments and not the female & it's right too & this is how it should be. Because entire nature favours the male... Peacock is beautiful. Flower is beautiful. Cuckoo...male Cuckoo's voice is melodious. Why? It is wooing the female. - OSHO.According to scientist this is the first instance when any bird has found a solution to the problem arisiug due to noise.Birds (Migratory) all over the world for thier food & favourable weather travel thousands of miles from one country to another. In our city & houses in the neighour hood they have thier houses. If you wish to give them (birds) food and water then our mission is your mission.

As u see hippies wearing bells etc. on there bodies & much more... This is more correct thing. The caco phony (Noisy) atmosphere of the cities gives trouble not only to human being & but also the birds. As per new study due to noise a particular species of bird has changed her style of singing. Bird has not changed her style of singing to please humans, but to keep her family (Generation) alive for future.It happens due to city noise pollution the call of male bird doesn't reach the female bird & so you think how their family will run or move forward. This problem is experienced by many birds but the solution to it has been found by the bird name 'Great Tits'. In the busy areas of the city, the male species of the bird uses a higher frequency in making a song (call) than the frequency of cars, planes or machines.This is how the sound reaches the female bird & in their nest every year new babies are born. This bird found in many cities of Europe has shown flexibility in its attitude but the scientist are worried that if other city birds do not show such method then slowly they will perish. Around 50 Km. radius at different locations around 20 quintals of food grains comprising of millet, barley, wheat, lentils, corn etc.) is distributed by bird loving community every day.Please come forward and join this great movement. (mission).