OSHO Borned in KUTCHWARA village of Raisen District, M.P. (India) on 11 Dec. 1931 in a Digamber Jain Family. His Father's name was Shri Babulal ji (Swami Dev Prem Tirth) & Mother's name was Sarswati ( Maa Amrit Sarswati). His childhood name was Rajneesh Chandra Mohan.He was fearless and free from the starting his life. He was playing with dangers, jumping in a floded river in the rainy season, was an ordinary thing for him.He became inlightend on 21 march 1953. About his sambodhi he says- "Now I am not in any kind of search . Existence has opend all the doors for me" At the time he was a student of was a student of philosofy. He kept continiue his higher education after his self realision. He has done his higher education in Jabalpur & Sagar Universities (M.P.) He has done M.A. in first class first from the Sagar University and won a gold madel. After this he became a professor of philosofy in Jabalpur University. He was popular as"AACHARYA RAJNEESH " He was travelling all over India to share his love & wisdow.Osho had said - 'After discovering atom, nuclear & science, Meditation is the only option Meditation only will help in saving man kind.

In the year 1966 he resigned his service to help seekers of truth. In the year 1970 he has started NEO SANNYAS MOVEMENT at Manali (H.P.)and settled in Bombay. In this period seekers from the west also came to visit and learn bhakti and meditation. His divoties were calling him "BHAGWAN SHRI RAJNEESH" in those day. In 1974 he has shifted to Pune. He has talked every day about all the subjects related with human life.Because of advise of his doctors he went to America and created "RAJNEESH PURAM" (1980-1985). He has to come back to India because of World tour and he came back to India and he left his body in 19 Jan 1990. His whole work is available in 650 books in many languages. Video,Audio Cds.